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How to read minds and influence decisions

You’re about to become a mind reader!

Armed with this human-centred design toolkit, you can influence the way people think and act to achieve your desired outcomes. It’s a whole-mindset approach to solving any challenge involving human interaction.

It’s free to download, so go right ahead.

A human 1st approach to designing solutions

7 core principles of the mind to explore

28 vital questions to diagnose behaviours

28 techniques to win people over.

Don’t put up with any guesswork – let the Creatures of Habit assist you in asking the right questions to uncover the most important influencing factors.

The Creatures of Habit represent 7 major thinking shortcuts that control our thoughts and behaviours. Once you can identify them, you can tune into them and start to find ways to nudge behaviours in a different direction.

Behaviour Change Toolkit

This toolkit is for everyone that wants to influence a change and make a difference. It makes the principles of neuroscience and behavioural economics accessible, without being shrouded by complex science. It’s designed to be easy to understand and mostly common sense. Basically, less of the ‘high brow’ and more of the ‘show me how’!

How can you use it

Whether you are designing a campaign, a service, a product or looking to improve any kind of human interaction, you can use the Creatures of Habit to adapt to ways people think and influence their behaviour. Whether it’s overcoming tough challenges, influencing purchase decisions or ensuring innovation is successful, this toolkit will help you push all the right behavioural buttons.

The following are a cross-section of challenges where this method has been applied.


Working with their innovation consultants to add a behavioural layer to understand the potential uptake of new propositions in a range of different categories.


Determining the behavioural reasons behind a culture of meetings and which interventions and strategies will bring about productivity changes.

DCB Project

Helping unemployed youths uncover the behaviours holding them back and how to improve their chances of winning over an employer.

How this method works

Meet the Creatures of Habit

Meet the Creatures of Habit

Understand how they interact in our mind and influence our thoughts.

Defining the Behavioural Challenge

Defining the Behavioural Challenge

Focus in on what you are really looking to influence or change.

Diagnosing Existing Behaviours

Diagnosing Existing Behaviours

Learn how to use the Creatures as a means of discovering the underlying causes of current behaviours.

Influencing Desired Behaviours

Influencing Desired Behaviours

Intervene in the most effective way by choosing from 28 ways to change behaviour.

Making Change Happen

Making Change Happen

Determine how to structure your design into an easy-to follow user journey with this strategy template.

Download the Toolkit free

The Creatures of Habit are waiting to assist you. Ready to meet them?

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