Gremlin 01


Your irrational fear and doubt that erodes your confidence and prevents you from reaching your potential.

Why the habit exists

Gremlin is actually an old friend. It’s always been there to protect you from unknown consequences and does a good job of it most of the time. It stops you blurting out that inappropriate comment that is only funny in your head. It casts a safety net to keep you from going too far along a path without performing a health and safety checklist. It’s got your back.

How it holds you back

Gremlin is responsible for sucking up your confidence, stripping your courage and stealing your belief. It’s a bit of a hypochondriac; it plans for the worst and escalates the potential things that can go wrong, no matter how irrational. An Adobe study found only 1 in 4 people believe they are living up to their creative potential.

It can also be a fierce bully and will have you convinced that you cannot achieve the results you want and to perhaps not even bother. If you can’t silence Gremlin, it will wreak havoc in your mind.

How you can train it

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. Have faith in your own unique perspective. If competition causes you to doubt yourself, remember, if you really have the drive and commitment that’s above and beyond others, you’re not up against all that many people after all.

  2. See failure as a learning opportunity. Instead of feeling down and losing confidence, if you understand why something went wrong and how it could have gone better, you can start looking at failure in a positive light. You might even enjoy trying and failing more often because you will always be able to approach the challenge with a positive mindset and hush your Gremlin.

  3. If you believe it will happen, the more likely it will. Write down some concrete goals and use these to create a motivational picture of what your success looks like. What would make you feel proud? Give yourself something compelling to aim for. Tell someone you’re going to do something. It makes it more concrete and you won’t want to let down others’ expectations.

  4. In the words of Nike, just do it. Give yourself an unrealistic timeline. You’ll have to take action to do something and you won’t have time to worry about it being perfect. At least you’ll get started and you may surprise yourself what you’re capable of.

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