Your Creatures of Habit Action Plan

How to come up with more inventive ideas, make better decisions and inspire creative change in others.

Each Creature of Habit provides a lens through which to look at challenges and opportunities in different ways and overcome the limitations of habitual thinking. The Creatures of Habit are about to become your best friends!

This is what to expect:

  • Think through any challenge in clearer and more progressive ways. Understand anything is possible when you design with the Creature principles. Your world will become brighter and full of opportunities.
  • Rewire your mind to realise where you are holding back and how you can become more creative than ever before.
  • Understand how others think, what holds them back and most importantly, how to influence them to think and act with a mindset of improvement, positive change and innovation.
  • Learn from over 60 real-world examples of creative thinking and innovation. Use this inspiration to fire up your imagination and see new ideas everywhere.

Use this as a toolkit to refer to regularly until your creative thinking starts to become more… you guessed it… habit!

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