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Invite the Creatures of Habit to your event

 Wait until you witness the audience’s surprise when they see 7 large Creatures of Habit in the room.

A unique take on creative thinking

Whatever the event and format, the principles of habitual thinking and creativity are brought to life in a unique, interactive way. Wherever feasible to transport, the actual Creatures come along too. They are large foam board cut outs. When people see them, they know they are not in for the a typical experience!

The Creatures can be adapted to apply the principles to your theme or topic to give participants directly relatable takeaways.

A session is always a great way to compliment the rest of the event and boost the way people open their minds to other presentations and sessions.

Here’s where the Creatures have been hanging out recently:

International School of Brussels

Inspiring innovative mindsets in educators at the Learning by Design conference.


Creativity training session for recent hires and new graduates to prepare for them for success at the agency.

Iris Worldwide

Creative skills training for the PR and communications team.


Company creative workshop to inspire people with ideas for an internal innovation competition.

DCB Project

A series of creative entrepreneurial skills workshops for unemployed youths as part of a Job Centre initiative.

Designers Fiesta

A session on the need for an innovative mindset, not just creative skills, at this conference for designers.


Creative mindset session to kick off and set the scene for a company-wide strategy session.

Corporate Rewards

A day on learning how to use creative facilitation skills to achieve better results and ideas with clients.