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Welcome to the inside of your mind

Here you’ll find the Creatures of Habit® who are the key to your success through unleashing a creative mindset and influencing the behaviour of others.

Which Creature are you?

Creatures of Habit

Take the Creatures of Habit Quiz. Discover which Creatures influence your mind and creative behaviours the most.

Look into your mindset and understand how to unleash your creative powers.

It’s a fun way of learning more about yourself, how you make decisions and the way you interact with others.

Creative Workshops and Events

Get hands on with the Creatures of Habit. Interactive, fun and groundbreaking sessions that enable you to develop a more creative mindset, invent more opportunities and collaborate with a greater purpose for innovative change.

Perfect for: Business innovation skills training; Creative leadership capabilities; Innovation days; Conference sessions; Youth development and more.

Become a Mind Reader

What if you could tell what people are thinking? You’d be able to give them more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

Once you identify the Creatures of Habit within others, you can find ways to nudge their behaviours and influence the way they act.

So get your hands on this free Human-Centred Design Toolkit and start putting your powers to work.

Creatures of Habit

Meet your Creatures of Habit

Around 50% of all our actions are determined by our thinking habits. That’s great for predictability, not so helpful when we need to adapt, improve and innovate. However, once you can identify your Creatures of Habit, you can rewire your mind to spot new possibilities and opportunities for positive change.